One small wheel for woman..

One giant slither for snake kind! It has been driving me literally insane as to how to post pictures and links into my posts, but by jove, I do believe that I have cracked it! I do now believe that I will be able to quite literally bore you to death with pictures and information on Cathy from now until eternity (well, not just now, but tomorrow lunchtime when I can get her!).

The terrarium is up and running, and looks like this

Whole viv

The temperature is perfect awaiting her arrival…

temp perfect

And although I have had to snaffle the picture off the internet, this is what she looks like


Having worked out the elusive hyperlink problem, you can be assured that Cathy’s every need it going to be met. I am not looking at this as a ‘flash in the pan’ – I know it is going to be a long term, possibly 20 year, commitment and I am more than ready for her tomorrow.

So, as I am starting to feel as though Frank might put an appearance in quite soon, I think this is accomplishment enough for one day. Until my picspam tomorrow of Cathy, I shall go and put my head down!




It is official, I am an Apple fangirl. I blame my son completely. Last summer, Joshua bought me an iPhone 4. I had been quite happy with my little Samsung BlackBerry wannabe, but he treated me to an iPhone 4 (got himself the iPhone 4S mind!)

I was a bit dubious at first, but within ohh, about 4 minutes of getting it up and running (bearing in mind, I had been running Safari and using iTunes on a Windows 7 laptop for some time) I was seduced, completely. It really is a thing of beauty!

So, fast forwards about 2 weeks and I accidentally find myself looking at iPads. What? I couldn’t help it! Now, they vary in price SO much I really did have some research to do so after much deliberation, decided on the iPad 2 (16GB if anyone is interested).

The main reason for getting it was because if I am sat in bed after a seizure I can’t stand the weight of a laptop on my knee and can’t use the right hand side of my body for quite some time, so for browsing, YouTube and the likes of SongPop, Words With Friends and email it was perfect. So yep, got that too.

Had a little browse on Amazon a few weeks ago and found a bluetooth keyboard for it that came in at £10 which surprised me as it had an average 4* out of 5 rating so I must admit, I did read all 100 odd reviews and thought for a tenner I had nothing to lose and ordered it – WOW. Absolutely fantastic.

Once charged, it was set up within minutes and I was exceptionally surprised at the speed at which the data transfer via bluetooth happened.

This is the one that I actually bought

So, obviously this got me thinking. My old and faithful Samsung RV510 has hit the floor so many times whilst I have been having a fit, it is starting to play up a bit. Nothing that isn’t fixable, but I do have a greater plan in my life which involves pursuing my love of education and writing and the poor old Samsung just isn’t up to it anymore.

I had a look in my savings, and had my heart set on a MacBook Pro Retina that was well and truly out of my price range – the one with the new flash drive instead of the solid state drive. I am not in need of a TB of storage but it was well and truly out of my price range so went up to the local store with every intention of coming home with this MacBook Pro

And, genuinely would have been ecstatic with that one. BUT – the shop had a sale on and I came away with the MacBook Pro of my dreams…..

Oh yeah – I was over the moon! I paid £1,000 for it and can’t believe that I am now the proud owner of a MacBook Pro Retina.

Now I didn’t get it from Amazon (it was just the best place to show the spec I got). I have wanted a mid to high spec computer for some time with flash rather than solid state drive so have taken the plunge.

I was chatting on Skype to my friends in the US yesterday and telling them what I had just purchased and apparently I have bought good! The only problem I could find (ahem!) was that all our USB flash drives are USB2. Well, that just won’t do so have a rather nice Sandisk 16GB USB3 flash memory stick on its way to me as we speak. Apparently I should be able to watch films without any lag off them (as the MacBook Pro Retina doesn’t come with built in DVD R/W which isn’t a problem for me as that isn’t what I have bought it for, considering I have a brand new PS3 for that purpose).

This is the little flash drive that I have gone for – I know there is a whole lot of arguments for and against Sandisk vs Kingston, but I prefer Sandisk

Just need to save up for goodies for the Thunderports!

All this is is coming full circle to where I am actually hoping that I am going to do something for the family.

I have had some really bad bouts of seizures recently and they are taking their toll on Bert. I am battered and bruised and have fallen up and down the stairs so many times in the past few weeks since the medication drop that I am exhausted, never mind the rest of the family. I spoke to my GP a few weeks ago about perhaps getting some day respite to give Bert and the family a break. Well, my GP looked into it for me and it turns out nobody will touch me with a bargepole, my needs are that complex.

I am going into respite, but the only place that will take me is our local hospital. I hate hospital, but I can see what is happening to those that I love around me so am going to go in. Bert and I spoke at great length about it and I am going to go in for a week, to see how it goes, full time. Overnight, the whole shebang.

It has genuinely got to the point that if I shut a drawer everyone comes running to check if I am ok, and this is NOT what I want for my family. They are on DefCon 5 at all times and it has got to stop, and stop it will for a week for them.

I think it is going to take about 3 weeks to sort, but I am actually quite surprised that it is something that I want. I want my husband and children to get a break from it all. Myles and Elizabeth have been fantastic and are always on hand should we need some help – Myles to help get me onto the bed, Elizabeth to administer my medication whilst Bert counts, films (my lovely Neurologist wants video footage of my seizures) and generally gets burned out from it all.

So, on a seizure count averaging out at 60 a week at the moment, I shall say bye for now!


Get a grip woman!

Do not be so self indulgent and childish! I am ashamed to read back what I wrote last night, but I really was that angry.

I am a grown woman, but in my mitigation, I live the life of a pre schooler due to being not able to be left unattended etc, and yesterday was a huge deal for me and Elizabeth and to let a certain person get to me shouldn’t have happened.

So the plan for today is to melt the debit card whilst we do the weekly shop, come home, get into the Hello Kitty onesie and email my relations in New Zealand with some info on the Six Nations (ok, here we go with a link!)

Hmm, will see how that looks when posted!

Then, watch out as I am going to have a Blog attack! Think this one is in dire need of tarting up and some order bringing to it. Any help or hints gratefully received.


Having a quandary today.

Well, with the madness out of the way, things are now settling down nicely. Seizures are still out of control so that reassures me that some things in life go on as normal!

So, as my previous posts have said, it has been a crazy few months for me. Long lost family, house moving, marriage, the full works. I hate to use the C word (Christmas, not the BIG C) so early, but with Joshua’s birthday coming up and that sorted, and presents for the big C sorted I am finally starting to settle into a rhythm.

Joshua is going to be 20 in less than 2 weeks so he is not paying his housekeeping for this month as he wanted money anyway, so it seemed silly for him to give it to me in one hand and me to hand it back. He has told us that he can’t afford anything for anyone for C, so fair play, he is giving nothing and expects nothing in return.

Leigh will probably want money, which is fine as all the children know what our rough budget is for each of them. Elizabeth wants a coffee maker for her bedroom and Myles wants a Kindle Fire and some money towards buying some new clothes so all sorted there. Money is put aside and we are good to go.

Bert and I don’t buy each other anything as we would rather spend the money on the children BUT we did indulge ourselves recently. As we both have birthdays in October as well as getting married in the same month we bought ourselves a 40″ TV that was on special offer

Yep, we bought ourselves this bad boy for the bedroom. We didn’t pay that amount for it, it was £50 less plus we had a £10 discount voucher for the store that was applicable for electrical items which is unusual where I am from. It has pride of place alongside the new 500GB PS3 that we got with the money that people gave to us for the wedding (we did very well considering we specifically asked for NO gifts!). Please don’t think for one minute we are ungrateful, quite the opposite as we were very surprised to receive anything at all!

The quandary is that as I spend an inordinate amount of time in bed due to ill health, and Bert has so much to do I get lonely. He is an absolute superstar and if I ask for some time with him, he is more than accommodating but running a house of 6, with a disabled wife does take up a lot of his time.

I want a pet. Something I can have in the bedroom for company. Not just any pet mind, I do have certain criteria that have to be met.

1 – It has to be diurnal or crepuscular, there is no way I am going to be able to fight my corner asking for a pet that is going to keep us awake all night partying on down!

2 – Not a furry little being. I have nothing against them per se, but just not what I am looking for.

3- SMELL! Nothing that is going to emit anything too malodourous otherwise I can totally forget it!

4 – A companion that can be handled and perhaps tamed to a degree.

5 – Something that can be looked after very easily if I end up in hospital for a stretch. I think this is going to be the biggest sticking point as I can’t expect Bert to take on the responsibility of something else as well as everything that he does on a daily basis.

Now, I have been doing my research, and am looking at after C to be getting such a pet if Bert is amenable and have got it narrowed down to 2 that I am drawn to the most.

First up, a small bearded dragon I have priced up the cost of the reptile, PROPER housing of an appropriate size, food, how often live food would need to be given, how often the vivarium would need to be changed and the cost of running it electricity wise. Also included, vivarium furniture, vets bills should they be needed etc. I am not going into this with my eyes shut which is why I think going after C being the best time to get a pet. It isn’t going to be an impulse purchase as small bearded dragons can live up to 10 years.

Secondly, I would like to introduce you to my personal favourite, a corn snake Now this I think is NOT going to be the popular choice with Bert. Again, I have priced up all the appropriate housing, vivarium needs, costs of furniture and feeding. Personally the corn snake would be easier for me to feed, as their food can be bought in bulk frozen and they don’t need feeding every day. I have a friend who has one and once settled in, they love being handled and are quite characters. I think I am going to have to fight my corner quite seriously on this corner!

You will have to excuse my poor use of links, I am still learning and as a Safari user have just found out I would probably be better using a different browser to get hyperlinks inserted in a more user friendly fashion!

Browser issues aside, I am definitely wanting the corn snake, but as in any marriage, a compromise will be made if that is what is needed.

In other news, seizure wise I have had an awful few days. Normally I can ‘sort’ of predict that anytime after 6pm is my danger zone. Well, that has gone right out of the window recently. I have been fitting in my sleep (for any epileptic, there is a huge difference between fitting when awake and asleep), first thing in the morning, you name it. I went into status epilepticus the other night and Bert was literally 1 minute off calling the emergency services which hasn’t happened in a very long time.

That particular episode scared me. I am an RNLD as I have stated before so I know the repercussions on the old grey matter of being in seizure activity for over 40 minutes but from the other side of it, I can only describe it as I knew I was lost and couldn’t find my way home. No pictures, just a sensation which took me to borderline panic but I couldn’t move or tell anyone. I had no idea I was seizing at the time either which was a new one on me. Scared? You betcha!!

And just to add insult to injury, I saw my Neurologist on the 1st of this month. My next appointment is on the 13 of October next year. yes, that is correct, NEXT year. She is more than happy to keep me like I am until then. To be honest I don’t know how much more I can take of it all. Oh crap, here comes the pity party!! Let’s throw that out the window before it starts!!!

I *had* planned on going to Iceland for my 40th birthday next year but the likelihood of that is not looking good, so maybe my vote for a corn snake might just have some ‘oomph’ to it, fingers crossed!

Anyway, Bert has just informed me that my tea is nearly ready via my lifeline (ie, the baby monitor) so I shall sign off for now. I just want to thank those of you that are following me, it is appreciated. I am going to, fits be damned, get a new browser installed tomorrow, sort out hyperlinks properly as there is tons of stuff I would love to share and really make the effort to get into the WordPress community and reciprocate some of the kind words I have had. Yes, that is my plan for tomorrow!

Tea is actually here so for now, I shall say good night,


PS – Safari has to go! Just previewed and I need to work on these hyperlinks! Sorry if anyone is interested enough and has to copy and paste into a browser – end user issues will be cleared up this end tomorrow!!