To put it bluntly, darnation!

To quote Emily Lloyd in the 1987 film “Wish You Were Here” – bloody, bugger, bastard, bum! As you know, I went to go and get the elusive corn snake yesterday but came home empty handed.

She hadn’t fed and quite rightly, the breeder wasn’t happy to let her go until she had. So, he is going to feed her on Wednesday for me, and I can go and get her on Friday.

Needless to say, I WILL be calling on Thursday to check that she has had her dinner!

I got a bit more information on her – although she is being sold as an albino lavender, she is actually a snow lavender morph and is going to be a gorgeous colour when she is mature. Bert has already put snake steaks on the menu for 4 years time – hmm! Think we might be having words come then!

Don’t get me wrong, I was beyond disappointed, but I want a happy, healthy girl when she comes home. So, friday is now the big day.

I should have known that something would go wrong as I have had the most fantastic news. I had my weekly epilepsy MOT at my GP’s surgery yesterday and if anyone has been following my epilepsy related posts, you will know that the combination of medication that I have been on is NOT working. Last week I had 64 seizures and managed to acquire all kinds of new bruises.

I think I had a very prolonged simple partial seizure too, that lasted over about 3 days mid week as I literally had (to quote Lloyd Cole) a lost weekend but it was mid week.

So in I went for my appointment and as per usual, looked as bad as I usually do. I have actually refused to see my current neurologist again as it really isn’t working for me and Bert doesn’t want me to see her again either. Fortunately my GP, Dr Albiston is in agreement so I am currently neruologistless!

THIS has turned out for the best, as for quite some time I have been on a drug called sodium valporate (in the form of Epilim Chrono) and it obviously hasn’t been working. Before I became ill, I was stable on a drug called carbamazapine for 21 years. Now, as Dr Flake (ex neurologist) wanted me to stay off the carbamazapine for reasons best known to herself (when asked, her response was, and I quote verbatim “because I say so”) but Dr Albiston was in disagreement with her as he had managed my epilepsy very successfully himself and was put out to say the least.

Just a quick aside, each week that we go to see Dr Albiston, Bert takes a full record of my seizures for him and as I have been coming off the Epilim Chrono, the seizures have been going up and up. When I was on the full dose, I averaged out about 30 fits a week, but with the neurologist wanting me to drop off the medication, the fits have doubled, and then some.

So, Dr Albiston took one look at my latest record, glanced over my new bruises and quite literally had the “sod it’ written over his face. Yep, I am back on carbamazapine as of last night!!

Normally, I would have to titrate up to my old dose doing it at home, or to go straight back to my old dose do it in hospital, but after the respite fiasco, Dr Albiston has so much faith in Bert that as of last night I went straight back on my old dosage.

Don’t get me wrong – carbamazapine isn’t the nicest of medications to take. It has a rather individual taste to it and I can feel it working it’s way round my system. If this post is a little disjointed, that is why. My head feels a little “wooly’ but I know that will go in a couple of weeks. I used to bitch and whine about taking it but NEVER again will I do so. I am not ashamed to say that I cried when I picked my prescription up, they were tears of absolute joy. I handed over the remnants of the Epilim Chrono with indecent haste too!

So, one very happy Sarah here! Life is looking rather good from where I am sat right now (if you like the literal – on the bed watching BBC Breakfast news with Bert playing games on Facebook!). I am back on the medication I want, I have a pampering session on Thursday, fingers crossed I can pick Cathy up on Friday and we will take it from there!

So, for once, not a whinge in sight –