Get a grip woman!

Do not be so self indulgent and childish! I am ashamed to read back what I wrote last night, but I really was that angry.

I am a grown woman, but in my mitigation, I live the life of a pre schooler due to being not able to be left unattended etc, and yesterday was a huge deal for me and Elizabeth and to let a certain person get to me shouldn’t have happened.

So the plan for today is to melt the debit card whilst we do the weekly shop, come home, get into the Hello Kitty onesie and email my relations in New Zealand with some info on the Six Nations (ok, here we go with a link!)

Hmm, will see how that looks when posted!

Then, watch out as I am going to have a Blog attack! Think this one is in dire need of tarting up and some order bringing to it. Any help or hints gratefully received.



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