Just a little photography post..

Having recently acquired a new Fujifilm FinePix S4400 Bridge camera, and having a new found love of some of the cheaper apple apps out there for manipulating digital photographs, I thought I would post a few I have taken up.

I use Aviary and Snapseed for filters, cropping, brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpness fiddling with the raw file, and then run them through a lovely little app called TitleFx to add text. I am not in the realms of being arrogant enough to watermark my work as it really isn’t good enough, but I like to pop a little tag on it more for my own reference.

So, without further ado, 3 offerings:-



I honestly adore this pic as the rock looks (at a glance) like there is someone sat on it. I must have caught it just at the right point of the tide.



A lovely little pic of where the tide seemed to produce the most gorgeous patterns in the sea. Must admit, wouldn’t fancy being in the swell!



And my very favourite from my trip out that day – the remnants of a Victorian archway onto a place called Marine Drive. Quite proud of this one considering I haven’t had the camera long and am only just learning how to use it properly!

Hope you have enjoyed my paltry offerings – any photography nuts out there willing to give an enthusiastic amateur some constructive criticism, I would be very grateful.



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