Apparently I should be comatose!

A very good friend of mine who is a hospital pharmacist moved from the UK to New Zealand with her husband and 2 children about 9 years ago. 6 months after she got there, her husband died from undiagnosed cancer and she has stayed there trying her best to make a life for herself. I miss her terribly, as being a teenage Mum, she saw past that and welcomed me into her group of more middle class and slightly older friends, who helped me through the early years (I had 2 children by the time I was 22 and was single as their father was violent),

All of this isn’t particularly relevant, but as I am in the habit of oversharing, I thought I would continue with my long held tradition! Anyway, I was awake at silly o’clock the other night and we were chatting on Face Book. She had seen from my statuses that I had been having a rough time and asked me what medication I was on, as she might be able to help. To the uninitiated, pharmacists are actually exceptionally good at picking up contra indications with multiple drug therapy users (yours truly) and was wondering what I was on. So, I listed it off, which I am now going to share with you all. Bearing in mind, I have my degenerative disk disease, epilepsy and assorted other things, here we go, and I will group them accordingly (I am unsure as to some of the dosages, as Bert and my GP take care of that, I genuinely don’t want to know anymore as being a trained nurse, it genuinely is a case of to much information.

Pain Medication
30mg MST (slow release morphine in tablet form) twice daily
1g paracetamol four times daily
Mefenamic acid (ponstan) 3 times daily
Oramorph 10mg in 5ml – prn
Tramquel 2 tablets twice daily – also prn

Ok that is the back covered!

Epilepsy Medication
Epilim Chrono (sodium valporate) 400mg twice daily
Keppra (leviticeram) 750mg twice daily
Midazolam oromucusal solution for when I go into status epilepticus – yay for emergency meds!!

I guess they are the main ones. I also take 40 mg of diazepam throughout the day, which is dual purpose. For my back and for the seizures. I take Ropinirole as i Have early onset Parkinsons (clumsy? Me? You betcha!!!)
Folic acid and vitamin b12 injections too, as I have Addison’s Anaemia, oh, and asthma to.

So, without thinking I reeled the above list off and C nearly had a meltdown on me (via PM!). She was amazed that 1 – I was actually awake and 2 – was actually forming coherent sentences!! Apparently I am on enough to knock a very bad tempered rhino to sleep (hah, she must have seen me the other day!!!)

And the strangest thing through all this? I STILL suffer from insomnia!! It has plagued me since I was about 14. I have only got myself to blame as I was absolutely horrendous as a teen. I drank, smoked, took drugs, you name it. I have never hidden the fact from my family as someone will tell them if I don’t, but I know now the long term damage it has had on me and the only finger pointing to be done is at myself.

I read a wonderful gentleman’s blog yesterday, and he had made a post about epilepsy medication which got me thinking about what I was on, as I have both the back and the epilepsy to contend with currently.

My life seems to revolve round alarms set for 8am, 12pm, 4pm and 8pm, quite literally! All trips out have to be carefully considered and planned with medication times and ‘do I have to eat’ etc with them. I have just stuck a chocolate bar and a bottle of water in Lilith’s bag which makes life a lot easier now! I am passed getting embarrassed and cracking open the class A’s in the middle of a shop and knocking them back now if I am with Bert! The middle class ‘ladies’ throw me the glares, whereas the gents usually ask if Bert would like a hand – oh yeah, that one is getting more and more evident every day, for sure!

On an absolute tangent I won a pair of earrings yesterday!! A local business was running a ‘get 5 friends to like my page and receive a pair of trendy earrings free’. I wasn’t particularly interested in the earrings, but the local business belongs to a friend of a friend, so I am a huge supporter of local business and put the link up and ……. was the first person to win! I actually got them for Elizabeth who promptly lost her ‘shiz’ as she would put it as apparently Shamballa earrings are really trendy at the moment. What do I know, other than the fact I won her a pair!!

One thing I will say is that the lady who owns the shop is amazing. I am looking for a handbag for Richard’s wedding that will hold a 6″ long tube (midazolam) and assorted other medications without looking like a bag of medication and the lady told me to send her the size of what I needed, and within half an hour had got back to me with the perfect bag, and, after enquiring if her shop was wheelchair friendly, she confirmed that, so I told her that it might be an idea to pop that on her page, as it is one of the first things I have to look for.

The amount of shops I can’t get into is unreal, so this Thursday I am going up to meet the lovely Francesca and get my evening bag and Elizabeth’s earrings.

Good god, I have just had to check what day of the week it is! Tuesday I am reliably informed by my computer. Weather sounds absolutely foul out there so not entirely sure what today will have in hold for us. I know I am going to do my Avon order, and drop that up to my sister in law, and that is probably about it. Oh, like I said, the high life for me!

So, on a seizure count of 32 since my last post (not even counting them up in the week now, it is tooooooo depressing!) I shall bid thee adieu!



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