Oh joy of joys!

Definitely going with the more light hearted blog entry here, apologies for the last one being so morbid, but I felt strong enough to post it when I did, and don’t regret it in the least.

For me, today was a big day. I had a Doctor’s appointment with my GP. Now, the last time I saw him I have absolutely no recollection of him seeing me whatsoever. I had 11 seizures in the waiting room and not ONE person went to get Bert any assistance for me. A couple of members of my family work up there, but they weren’t on duty. Anyway, (and this is 2nd hand information as I don’t recall it in the least), I got into his room and promptly had 2 more. The first thing I knew of it was coming too with an oxygen mask on me with a nurse at my side.

So, on to today’s appointment. Now, I have known this has been coming for some time as Dr Flake (the nickname that both Bert and my GP have given my Neurologist) is wanting me to DROP on of my epilepsy medications. For anyone not familiar, the abridged version is that there are two types of epilepsy medication. Front line, and then ‘bolt on’ ones that are only ever used in conjunction with front line ones. I am currently on sodium valporate and leviticeram (Epilim Chrono and Keppra). Epilim being the front line drug, and Keppra being the second line one.

Now, in Dr Flake’s infinite wisdom she wishes me to drop my Epilim. The last time we did this, I spent a week in hospital, last June (you know, the one where I screwed up my Mum’s 70th birthday by being on the Coronary Care Unit as they couldn’t cope with me in Intensive Care.

My GP doesn’t want to drop my medication,but his hands are metaphorically tied and we have to go down this route. I think it is going to be a way of him showing her that he knows best, but unfortunately at my expense. He is aware of this, and doesn’t want to have to do it to me, but it is the only way we are going to get me the actual treatment that I need.

So, in Bert and I go for today’s appointment. Out we come with a prescription for a lower dose of Epilim. Now to say I am terrified is an understatement, to say the least. But I am going to carry on with my day to day stuff, and try and give a decent reading as to if the seizures go up. Oh who the hell am I kidding – not IF the seizures go up, WHEN they go up.

Just to add insult to injury, Joshua’s girlfriend has been round the house coughing and sneezing her little head off. I am particularly susceptible to picking up infections at the moment and yup, you guessed it, first chest infection of the year confirmed. It just gets better and better. So, could well be in for a very bumpy ride this week, that is for sure.

As the drop in Epilim won’t be apparent in my blood stream until tomorrow, we went to town today as our cooker decided to give up the ghost on Christmas Eve. Thank god my Mum lent us hers, but we realized we had to bite the proverbial bullet and get a new one today. Fortunately my husband’s requirements were exact, 600mm, double fan oven. Nothing more, nothing less and in whichever colour we could get it.

After pricing up a few, we stumbled on a gem of an electrical cash and carry, and got a cooker that we had seen in a well known electricals shop (priced at £575) for £250. Yep, you heard that right. And why was it so cheap? Because …… it had a dint on the side of it! Oh believe you and me, we paid with indecent haste!! Full warranty, the works. We were more than impressed, so impressed in fact that we went back to the well known chain and bought the house a late Christmas present! They had lovely matching kettles and toasters in a cream, the old fashioned style that were £60 each before Christmas, dropped to £40 each on Christmas eve, and I picked up both for £58 this afternoon! I forget we only moved house a couple of months ago, so that is the kitchen now finished. I am not one for statement small electricals in bold colours, both Bert and I prefer more timeless things, and cream fitted the bill perfectly.

By this time I was getting rather hungry so we popped into town for a late lunch, and then had a quick look around the shops. I could have spent a fortune, so came home empty handed, always the best way for me!

So, on an actual seizure count of 0 I am going to say good night as tiredness has just crept up on me like nobodies business!

Watch this space to see if Dr Flake is correct!



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