Hello sadly neglected blog…

In my mitigation, I have had one HELL of a few weeks. Hospital, seizures, family drama (a given!), more hospital, stupid neurologists and I now have the veins (or lack of) a full blown heroin addict. Man, they must be hardcore as I have one hell of a high pain threshold, but just gently knocking the back of my hand turns it black.

Genuinely don’t know where to start to be honest! Well, first things first, Leigh isn’t going to be with us for Christmas this year, he is finding it hard to make the break back home, so we are going to let him take his time. We are all disappointed, but understand as he is a young man. Although physically the weakest in the house, I sometimes have to be the strongest emotionally which (and please don’t think I am being selfish here) can be quite draining.

Joshua is spending Christmas with his girlfriend, which given that he has turned 20 since my last post, I don’t mind. My son is not a child anymore, he is a man and like it or lump it, he is a man finding his way in this world and if that means Christmas Day without him, then that is it. A wise lady once told me that a parent’s job was to give a child roots to grow and wings to fly. I think Joshua is no longer a fledgeling anymore, and I know he will enjoy being with his girlfriend more (I say girlfriend, I think it is far more than that now, I have never seen him like this with anyone else before. He is truly bewitched!)

Ahhh, my Mummykins, the grinch!! My Mum has hated Christmas since she lost her mother in 1987, and finds it very hard to cope on the day, so even at the age of 70, chooses to work. As it is my first Christmas as a married woman, and our first Christmas in our new home, she is going to come round for an hour before she goes to work. It is all my dreams come true! I genuinely can’t believe she is going to do this for me. You can keep all the absolute crap that is advertised on the TV – having my Mum with me for an hour on the day means more to me than all of it combined. She is 70 and I am grateful for each year I still have with her as Bert’s parents are both dead.

So, Christmas Day there will be Bert, Elizabeth, Myles and yours truly! As none of them have actually found this blog (hah!!! – sneaky parenting and the suchlike!) I can let you know what they are getting.

Joshua, oh Joshua! What to do with you! He announced in early November that he ‘wasn’t doing Christmas’ as he couldn’t afford it. We had no problem with that, but to appease my Mum I have got him a selection box and a little something to open, as I have his lovely lady. Last week, he announced he had sold his enduro and what would we all like for Christmas. AAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!! I told him to buy my Mum something, that was all the gift we needed (and paying his sister back, that would help greatly as he owes her about £200!)

Leigh – well, as he won’t be with us, we sent his card and on Christmas morning, £200 will be in his bank account, so he can treat himself to whatever he wants. He hasn’t specifically asked for anything this year, so our budget per child is £200, that is what he is getting!

Elizabeth – Oh god, here lies a drama! All she wanted for Christmas was a Starbucks coffee machine for her room. So, Starbucks site was located, item purchased and ………. then they sent me an email saying they were sorry that I had cancelled my order and could I possibly let them know why!! A few phone calls later and one VERY helpful gent called Gilbert, turns out they don’t deliver to where I live. But…. NOWHERE on the site does it say, so funnily enough, Gilbert has now been to his management and is it chrystal clear. So, it is the 23rd of December and still no present for her. Think I will put the money in the bank (I do have a little something for her to open) and she can go up and get something in the sales.

Myles – well, if Elizabeth provided the drama, Myles provides the humour. He wants a Kindle Fire HD. Not a problem. He knew it would eat up most of his allowance, but, by chance, I was up at ungodly o’clock on Black Friday and Amazon had 200 of them at £99.99. YES! Step Mum here got him one! But could I convince him it was the right one? NOPE!! I do hasten to add, it IS the right one, and once convinced, we had enough to buy a fantastic 6 month old BMX frame off Joshua to make him a rather fantastic bike worth about £400 which he is MORE than impressed with!

Mummykins – Well, since I can remember, my Grandmother used to buy her a poinsettia each year, so I took up the baton after she passed away. Mum never asks for anything else, but as I TOTALLY screwed her 70th up this year by being in Coronary Care Unit as I was that ill, I have decided to push the boat out. Now, this is a present of two halves. Mum’s favourite clutch bag clasp broke the other week and is, shall we put it delicately, dead. Non fixable at all. So, we have bought her a new leather clutch, but with a twist. It has a rather sleek central compartment in preparation for the Kindle she is going to treat herself to in the New Year. Yeah, like I would leave it at that!! Amazon must love me, as we have got her the all singing all dancing Kindle to go in there too! We are going to charge it up, put some of her favourite books on it, and put it in the bag. And then give her the box with the info for the Kindle and the charger in afterwards, wrapped up of course! I think is is the least she deserves.

Bert – Oh god, if I never blog again, you will know why. I will be murdered! He has been hankering after a Makita hammer drill for the longest time, and we have never got round to getting one. Now, imagine the logistics of 1) never being able to be left alone, 2) pretty much showing him the monthly accounts even though he asks me to be in charge of them, I do like to show him where our money goes and 3) actually getting some time ALONE I think I deserve a bloody medal. One top of the range Makita drill hidden ready for the big day. We had agreed not to buy each other anything, but I actually bid on it to raise money for the Anthony Nolan Bone Marrow Trust so have got £200 worth of hammer drill for £75 so hope I am not in too much trouble. Facebook may be a pain in the arse on occasion, but the hiding of posts does come in handy on occasion! Yep, I am probably in big trouble but given everything that he does for me, I think I will get away with it.

Well, Mum’s Kindle box is now open and getting its inaugural charge so we will be one step ahead on Tuesday when the inevitable ‘DAAAAAADDDD HEEEELLLLPPPP’ spills forth from Myles!!

Oh, apparently it is time for a supervised bath. Oh the joys! I shall return later with tales of god only knows what, and a confession.



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