Well, note to self….

Wow did I enjoy the cinema trip. The staff were beyond lovely, the seating area was fantastic I genuinely think I had the best view in the house with Elizabeth. As it was such a huge deal, having an afternoon out with my daughter, the first one since my epilepsy decided to rear its uncontrollable head and I have had to start using a wheelchair I was like a kid in the proverbial sweet shop!

Now, my eldest bought me an iPhone 4 a few months ago and in fairness, I am only just getting to grips with it properly (especially since the IOS 6 update – that one threw me!!) so thought I would do the ‘check in’ via Face Book. I was genuinely surprised that a lot of my friends ‘liked’ the status but a lot of them realised how much it meant to me, getting out somewhere with my daughter and giving Bert some time off (which he used wisely by going to visit his younger brother and spending some time with him).

So, no need to go into the details of the film, you will either know it or not, like it or not, but I really did enjoy it. Elizabeth and I agreed that it was the best of all 5 of them and thought nothing more of it. An enjoyable time was most definitely had.

What I REALLY wish I hadn’t done was try and be a smart arse by playing round on my phone. I came home, did the shopping list with Bert for tomorrow, came upstairs to get ready for bed (bed time for me is about 8pm) and thought I would have a quick check on Face Book.

WOW do I now wish that I hadn’t as every last shred of enjoyment I had had this afternoon has now disappeared with one ill considered comment by a 15 year old girl (my bridesmaidzilla from my wedding). Last year, I took her with myself and Elizabeth to see Breaking Dawn part 1. Last year, I could drive, didn’t need anyone with me 24 hours a day and wasn’t in a wheelchair.

Under my little ‘check in’ at the cinema, along with the lots of likes from people who understand what a huge step it has been for me was the most singularly sarcastic comment from her. Believe you and me, I can be over sensitive on a good day, but it has taken, as I said, every last shred of enjoyment out of my afternoon which had, up to that point bolstered my confidence no end. I am not going to quote it verbatim, but to condense, “So I take it I am not coming this time”  – you get the gist.

Now, this is the first time I have been out and I had to have someone with me to give me my emergency medication if needed. I had called ahead to the cinema to see if it was OK if I came, and had everything planned. I hadn’t done anything on this scale without Bert since I got really ill so I was looking at it as a practise run to see how things went.

I actually DID have an absence seizure during the film but only Elizabeth and the couple sat in front of us noticed, and bless them, they did offer to help my daughter if she needed it but I came round fairly quickly and quietly.

I can’t take care of myself, never mind a rather self centred niece. I couldn’t have gone in the evening as it is on far too late for me and Elizabeth works weekends, so quite what she was expecting I am not sure at all. What I do know is that I am going to speak to her mother about it, as I feel I shouldn’t have to explain myself to a 15 year old girl.

Anyway – tomorrow is shopping day, so tomorrow afternoon is going to be spent on a much lighter and FAR less self indulgent post. And if it kills me I will learn how to put hyperlinks in my posts!!!!

Woah, rant over and apologies for anyone that has managed to stay with me on this one!

Good night from one very over sensitive Sarah, I hope that you all have a better day than I have had.


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