I really should act my age…

But yet, am going out this afternoon. It has taken military precision, liaising with a venue and all kinds of trickery with my medication but……. I am going to the cinema!!! Fortunately my epilepsy is not photosensitive, so we should be good to go there. Where I live, there is only one cinema with wheelchair access and it has ….. ONE screen! So, with tickets booked, the venue informed of my epilepsy, and my  beautiful daughter Elizabeth coming with me I am very ashamed to announce that I am going to see Breaking Dawn part 2!

I have been to all the Twilight Saga films with Elizabeth, so we thought we would see this one through to the bitter end together. Munchies packed, emergency medication packed, Bert on a knife edge in case I get taken ill and the car filled up with fuel and Lilith we are off!

I am definitely going to report back later as this is a HUGE step for me. I haven’t had the confidence to do something like this since March, so I hope the excitement doesn’t trigger a seizure!

Much waffling will ensue when I return,

(one very excited) Sarah



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