What an interesting few days

My world seriously seems to have gone its own particular brand of ‘mental’ this past couple of days. Now, bearing in mind I have had what can be seriously described as THE most hectic month possible that is saying something. I am not one for lists, but just to give you an idea of the previous 30 days, here goes.

1 – 8th October, my birthday

2- 13th October, Leigh’s birthday

3- 15th October, Leigh’s arrival and finding out we had been allocated a new, larger house

4 – 22nd October, given the keys to our new house

5 – 26th October, Bert’s birthday, the arrival of my niece Claire and my great nieces Lauren and Anne

6 – 27th October, WEDDING DAY!

7 – 29th October, said goodbye to Leigh as he had to go back to his home country to sort a few things out before coming back to us permanently, but still a very sad day.

8 – 5th November, handed keys back in to the old house

9 – Birth of very close friend’s baby girl that I can’t go and visit as am riddled with infection

Ok, you get my drift, nothing too out of the ordinary, but just crammed into a very short space of time, with huge emotional highs, small dips with Leigh going back to say his goodbyes before he comes back to us permanently. But you get where I am coming from. In all this, Bert hasn’t stopped. He is my husband, my best friend, my lover and also my carer as I need one. As I type this, he is sat downstairs playing Assassin’s Creed 3 but the baby monitor is on, just in case. He never gets to switch off. Ever.

I try and make life as easy as I can for him. I am by no means going for Martyrdom here but silly things like going for an easy tea when he has been feeding the troops, letting him have well deserved time to himself when I would love to spend some time with him. Having trained as a nurse, as has my Mum we are both aware of burnout and I don’t want him waking up one morning resenting me and not knowing why, so I tend to just keep my trap shut, especially with everything that we have been through over the last 30 days.

Which gets me on to my actual point. I am particularly close to one of my sisters in law, but she can be very demanding without realizing it. Elizabeth and Myles went back to school last Monday so I made it very clear that we were going to have a ‘Honeymoon’ during school hours, Monday to Thursday. Nothing rude! Just spending some time together on our own, without interruption. Ok, so Monday was a bust as I had to have an Occupational Therapy assessment, but Bert wasn’t annoyed with that as if it benefits me, it will make his life easier, which will make me one happy wife.

Tuesday, we had made opticians appointments for myself and Myles, and Wednesday was his Parents Evening but all normal things outside of what we had designated ‘our’ time. So, Thursday we decided to go out and have some lunch and buy a few things for the house with some of the gift cards and suchlike that we had been given for our Wedding (given that we specifically asked for nothing, we did surprisingly well!).

EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY my beloved sister in law has been on the phone wanting something. And when I say every day, I mean it. Now, I am the first to admit, I can be vague, but I was in no way vague about this week. The stinger actually arrived on Tuesday. Could her brother, my husband, move her this week. Now, I was not brought up with English as my first language, I learned it at the age of 9 (another boring blog entry for another boring day) but I was very clear about what would be happening. Now stress is a huge trigger for my seizures, as are infections. I have both a chest and kidney infection currently and the idea was to take some of the stress of feeling isolated off me, and the stress off Bert by giving him some time off and hell, just to give ourselves some time together! We are very family orientated but surprisingly enjoy each other’s company too!

Funnily enough, the answer was a resounding NO. The problem is, we have a  van, a very large van. I actually love our van very dearly and want to convert it into a camper but for now, it remains our van (an LDV Convoy if anyone is interested). Oh but no, the phone didn’t stop. So Bert very nearly snapped and dropped it over to her house, told her to find someone with the correct insurance to drive it and we would have it back when finished.

Given that the media bombards newlyweds with idealistic views of honeymoons and holidays which were totally impractical, I didn’t feel out of order asking for the 4 days we did. It doesn’t help that with all the moving Bert has hurt his neck and pulled a muscle which is healing slowly. I would kind of like my new husband in one piece!

Thursday was actually a lovely day (phone mithering aside). We bought a few bits for our new home, had a lovely lunch out but then a reality check with having to do the weekly shopping, but took some comfort in the return to it.

Friday was a bit of a fuckup as I had had seizures ++ in the night and my beloved sister in law had to be at the hospital 15 miles away for 9.20 through the rush hour traffic so we had to rope in my 70 year old Mum to babysit me whilst Bert took her. Unfortunately she had drawn up a list that would have taken hours to do but he just brought her straight home (I don’t think I am very popular at the moment!)

So, today we are back at square one. Bert running round after everyone and me sat here with the internet and a monitor for company. Oh the joys!!

Maybe we should go for honeymoon part 2 next week? If I try reverse psychology we might just get away with it!

So on a seizure count of 27 since my last post, and a possible loss of sanity in the process, that is me for today.

On a final note, I am learning to give thanks for one thing each day. Today I am going to give thanks for the fact that my brother in law came round and played Assassin’s Creed on the PS3 with Bert for a couple of hours just to give him some time out. Thank you Stevie.




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